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Workers Compensation Doctors - Workers Comp Injury Doctors

Workers Compensation Doctors

At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we welcome the opportunity to work with patients who have been injured on the job. Over the years, we have restored the health of many patients so that they could get back to work, often to the life that they enjoyed prior to being hurt. Our Worker’s Compensation Doctors ensure that you get treated at the best medical facilities; after all, Labor Workers Compensation Programs are meant to provide the most effective treatment to injured workers. 

It is essential to be aware of the fact that workers who were injured on the job and have Worker’s Compensation insurance provided by their employer can choose their own orthopedic physician. We have the best physicians and physical therapists with years of experience working with and treating on-the-job injuries so that people can get back to work. Occupational & Orthopedic Physical therapy is a big part of recovering and getting back to work. 

We Are Accepting New Or Existing Workers’ Compensation Injury Cases

Our doctors have been treating work-related injuries for over a decade. We also work with all insurance companies and adjusters to ensure that recovering workers have the appropriate time off to heal, or are assigned light duties, and that appropriate work restrictions are put in place 

Our workers compensation injury doctors can treat your entire body, including shoulders, neck, spine, and back. We also treat damage to elbows, wrists, legs, ankles, feet, arms and hands.

Call us today for a same-day appointment.

Note: You have the right to choose your own doctor. However, the time limit is 30 days after you have been hurt.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience!

We are open six days a week, treating patients with new and pre-existing conditions, sometimes on the same day. Whether it is industrial injuries or one of an orthopedic nature, or even hip, spine, or knee complications, we do it all. Furthermore, we accept all forms of workers compensation insurance and work with the insurance adjuster to get the treatment needed authorized.

At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we are well versed in all the laws and rules associated with New York State’s worker's compensation act. That not only ensures our clients receive the best medical care but makes sure that employers and insurance carriers are kept updated on your progress and treatment plan. Our team will send out progress reports to insurance adjusters so that everything continues to move smoothly. 

We provide all of these services under one roof!

Call Us Today

If you have a new or pre-existing injury or are an insurance adjuster who wants to refer a patient, we can help you. Call us today to get a claim transferred to our office to ensure better and more comprehensive treatment.

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