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Top-Rated Pain Management Doctors & Services

Pain Management Doctors Pain Management Services

Pain is a familiar sensation felt by almost everyone and can manifest itself in various forms. The sensations can range from soreness to stabbing pain and include aches, and burns just to name a few. Pain is the body’s way of signaling to the brain that there is damage. 

For people who have been involved in a car accident, an accident at work, or other types of accidents, dealing with pain can be challenging to say the least. Unfortunately, pain after a car accident is pretty common because of the types of  injuries that occur in those accidents. The most common types of injuries include head trauma, whiplash, cuts, scrapes, and back injuries. 

Pain that’s associated with an injury is classified as chronic or acute. It can start occurring immediately after the injury, and chronic pain can last for an extended period of time. Often chronic pains will require medication and medical interventions to manage effectively. 

If you have been in any type of accident and are experiencing pain as a result,it is important to see a top-rated back pain management doctor as we have here at the Brooklyn Injury Doctors facility.

Pain Relief Solutions 

At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we offer many pain relief solutions for our patients. The most common way of reducing this feeling is via medication. However, that isn’t the only solution available. Other solutions can be used to mitigate discomfort and even avoid the prospect of surgery. These treatments may include acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and more.

Depending on the intensity of the malady, our doctors can prescribe so-called painkillers like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxants. However, depending on the severity of the condition, our doctors may prescribe more aggressive pain-relieving drugs like epidural steroid injections and nerve blockers. Surgery is generally a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. 

Pain Management Specialist Near Me

If you Google for a pain specialist near you in Brooklyn, you will be faced with the prospect of possibly hundreds of so-called professionals. However, not every one of them may be as experienced. That’s why you will want to find a professional clinic with excellent reviews and a history of tackling injury-related issues, especially those caused by accident.

Chronic Back Pain Specialist - Lower Back Pain Management

Chronic Back Pain Specialist Lower Back Pain Management

If the bad feeling in your back is associated with a recent car crash and lasts more than three months, it is classified as chronic. The pain can be highly frustrating and, depending on its severity, will require prescription medication to handle. 

However, it is essential to find a specialist that can help relieve the ailment after a thorough diagnosis of the issue. At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we specialize in helping people with chronic lower back pain issues.

Pain Management Doctors That Accept Medicare

Not all doctors or clinics will accept Medicare. However, depending on the extent of your injuries, these types of doctor visits aren't cheap, which is why you might want to find a doctor that accepts it. At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we accept Medicare, so you don’t have to worry about paying for treatment out of pocket. 

Walk-In Pain Management Doctors

Many doctors will require that you book an appointment, and there are other hassles involved with seeing a doctor. Fortunately, at Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we accept walk-ins. 

Are you suffering from chronic back, lower back pain, neck, or any other type of ailment? Call us to book an appointment today. 

Don’t let chronic pain ruin your life…  call us today to book a consultation.
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