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Trusted Brooklyn Occupational Therapy Treatment

Brooklyn Occupational Therapy Treatment

At Brooklyn Injury Doctors, we use our understanding of the human body, combined with compassion and creativity to provide highly effective occupational therapy (OT) treatment that makes a difference in the lives of the patients that we treat. 

Our therapists are also Certified Hand Therapists who specialize in upper extremity injuries and rehabilitation.

Whether you need to regain function to perform everyday tasks like getting dressed, eating and drinking, or engaging in activities like driving and improving your motor skills, our OT’s are here to help you.

The program that our professionals design will be specific to your individual needs and will help you get back in control of your life, giving you the confidence and strength needed to lead a normal life. 

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Defining OT - What Does an Occupational Therapist Do?

OT's work with people of all ages who have a variety of conditions including developmental disabilities, brain injury, arthritis, amputation, autism spectrum disorder, stroke and other neurological disorders.

They also work with those who have temporary conditions such as muscle or joint pain from an injury or undergoing a surgical procedure. The primary goal of an OT is to help clients maintain independence and develop the skills they need to do the things they want and need to do on a daily basis.

The treatment usually takes the following course: 

  • An extensive physical evaluation of the patient
  • Goals are identified 
  •  An individualized care plan is outlined to reach those goals 
  • Review the results to ensure that milestones are being reached
  • The plan is adjusted if required
  • New goals are identified

Goals of Treatment

One of the primary goals of OT's is to help individuals who have trouble getting through the day because of limited range of motion. These individuals may often have a hard time performing routine activities like moving around, getting dressed, sleeping, and eating. 

The treatment is meant to help people of all ages engage in activities that they want. While the therapy can take longer for some than others, almost everyone can benefit from professional attention. 

Need Hand Therapy? Come See Our Certified Hand Specialist

Hand Therapy Certified Hand Specialist

Hand Therapy is meant to rehabilitate the hands, wrists, and upper limbs after an injury or after recovering from a chronic condition. 

The therapy, in general, aims to bring back function in the hands of the patient to perform everyday tasks with relative ease.  The objective is to improve and maintain functionality. Since we use our hands for just about everything, it makes sense that occupational therapy should help bring back function in what is defined as an essential part of the body. 

Our Certified Hand Specialists are here to help you, Call Us Today!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Brooklyn

Pediatric OT is for kids to become independent, strengthen their motor, visual motor, and other sensory-motor skills. If anything, these skills are needed for children to socialize and function normally. 

Speech and OT will overlap in many areas, mainly in how different parts of the body are connected. Usually, physical therapy is for the lower body, OT is meant for the upper body, and speech mainly focuses on the tongue, lips, jaw, and throat. 

To discover more about how our doctors and providers can help you, book a complimentary consultation today. 

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